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ElectraCraft 12CSX

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ElectraCraft 12csx

Length Overall 12' 0''
Beam 5' 5''
Draft 16''
Weight 1,100 lbs.
Capacity 2 adults
Speed cruising speed* 3.5 mph
full speed* 7 mph
Power cruising time* 3 hours
charge time 3 hours
* approximate and will vary with wind and water conditions.

ElectraCraft 12csx

The X in the 12CSX stands for Xcitement!. While the other models in the ElectraCraft family of environmentally friendly and family oriented pleasure boats stress luxury and freedom of movement, the 12CSX is all about fun, speed and maneuvrability. While the speed factor is not always applicable for all of the lakes and harbors where our boats have been sold over the years, this fun factor has no limits. Jump in this two seater beauty and have the time of your life. Whether you are going a posted speed limit, or are allowed to open it up, you will have the wind in your hair and the feeling of being one with the boat and the water.

For those that want to maximize both the fun and the speed there is a high output 48 volt motor and battery option, bucket seats with custom colored marine vinyl and a fusion AM/FM/CD with 2 speakers and an iPod dock.

If you have built a lifestyle on the water, the 12CSX adds a new dimension to your ability to have memorable moments with family and friends. Our commitment to provide the highest quality product with the most comprehensive warranty and service capability has never wavered. It is what our customers have come to expect…and that we deliver.